The ADRL has just announced that it has added the Pro Fuel class to it’s 2017 line up. This is great news. The rules are a little different in that the cubic inch limit has been raised to 125 cubic inches and a minimum weight increase to 720 pounds. As a result, HRP will now be offering a cylinder and piston kit for the Derringer engines to take them to the 125 cubic inch limit. The existing carburetors will be inadequate for this size engine, so HRP will also start production on a new billet carburetor body for this displacement. I ran a big inch P/D back in the early 90’s before we had any cubic inch limit and won the AHDRA P/D Championship with one. I know very well what it takes to run a bigger engine with a carburetor. I can’t wait to run some of these races with the Terminater bike with a 125 cubic inch Derringer.

Johnny Vickers

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