Another one of our parts suppliers has shut the doors. PMFR as we know it, closed down this past Friday. This came as a result of being bought out by another company a year or so ago. I have the honor of getting the last order John sent out before locking up on Friday, which was the wheels, front end and brakes for my new Pro Fueler. This seems to be a re-occuring problem we have here in the US now. Suppliers, whether parts or raw material, just disappear seemingly over night. This now makes the third time that I have lost my supplier of wheels, front ends and brakes. This is big problem for us as we have all of our frames, jigs and other componets set up to take these parts that are no longer available.

So, three is the charm with me, as I have done before when parts I need vanish, I gear up and do it myself. HRP is now in the drag racing wheel business.  We are designing front and rear wheels now, and will evently do the same with the front ends. There has been a big hole in the Top Fuel wheel market for awhile, ever since PM quit making any racing componets, so I guess it’s time. John at PMFR made great products and will be missed. We wish him the best in his new endevors.



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