HRP now has the Gen-4 Valve Train Upgrade kit available to convert your Derringer to a high cam version. There are many advantages to the Gen-4 package, first off it is available in either a dry top end kit (like most all engines are), or a wet version that pressure feeds oil the top end. With the dry set-up, you can use your existing lifters and lifter blocks. No machine work is required for the dry kit. The wet version does require some machine work to the heads and lower rocker boxes to accept the pushrod tubes plus new lifters and lifter blocks. The Gen-4 upgrade moves the cams up about 3 inches overall. This means that the pushrods are shorter, weight less, and are more rigid keeping distortion to a minimum and allowing the engine to rev higher. Other advantages is that the Gen-4 package uses our new cams. Our cams have more lift, more duration and have large cam lobes so the lifter roller has a much easier time staying in contact with the cam. Also, it doubles the speed of our oil pump. This not only insures that oil pressure is maximized, it makes the return section of the pump very efficient in scavenging the lower end freeing up horsepower.

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