The Evolution of the Derringer line of racing engines continues!

After almost 2 years of designing modifications, Hawaya Racing Products introduces the Gen-4 upgrade package for the Derringer racing engines.

“I started a couple of years ago making a list of things that I thought would improve the performance of our already record setting Derringer engines. The Gen-4 upgrade package being some of those ideas bundled into one. The main objective of this package is to help stabilize the valve train. I raised the cams and lifters up over 3 inches as well as improving the angle of the pushrods somewhat on the offset front cylinder. Besides making the pushrods shorter, which will minimize flexing, you will basically save the weight of one pushrod. Back around 2001-2002 when Jerry Gordon and I started the Derringer project, one of our main goals was to design the engine in a modular fashion so that changes and modifications could be retro fitted as knowledge and technology advanced in the future. The success of this goal is proven with the Gen-4 modifications package being a bolt-on upgrade all the way back to the very first Derringer we produced. The Gen-4 package consist of basically a new cam chest, cam cover, some cam and oil pump gears. It can be run with the dry top end set-up (like the current Derringer engines) or we can add the components to make it a wet top end like our Top Fuel engines. The prototype Gen-4 engine that I just installed into the Terminater bike is set up with a wet top end. This prototype engine is one big experiment with several major changes from our current Derringer, the Gen-4 package incorporating 2 of these changes. I will shake down this engine at the AMRA Finals in Rockingham NC this weekend. If all goes well, I will take it to the NHRA Las Vegas finals and then on to the Man Cup Finals in Valdosta GA. With the addition of our CNC machining center the first of this year, it was finally time to put some of my ideas to work says HRP president Johnny Vickers”.

The Gen-4 upgrade package will be available late this year in kit form to fit any of our Derringer existing engine blocks.

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