HRP headed to South Georgia Motorsports Park this past weekend to wrap up the 2017 season. At last year’s finals, Kirby Apathy and Michael Ray, riding the Terminater bike, slugged it out to see who would take the world record from Johnny Vickers. In the end, Michael ran the quickest pass in history at 7.06, but it was Kirby that came away with the record backing up his 7.07. This year’s final wound up just the opposite. Michael had reset the record in the spring at a 7.01, just missing out on the first 6 second P/F run. In the first round of eliminations, Kirby stunned everyone when he ran 6.85 seconds to defeat the Terry Stewart. On the other side of the ladder, Michael Ray defeated Preston Bartlett, who were #1 and #2 in points, but it would be Preston that would take the championship. In the finals, Kirby went a 7.14 against Michael, who got close to the centerline and had to lift, taking the win, but not backing up his 6.85.

“It was a great weekend of racing all the way around says HRP President Johnny Vickers. There were many European teams in attendance, which always makes for a good event. Many had their personal best reset and a few hearts were broken. Kirby pulled off the first 6 second run in Pro Fuel history this past weekend. We have been going toe to toe for many years. I motivate him and he motivates me, but we always have great races. We both worked hard to be the first to get that “6”, so it is well deserved on his part. I am looking forward to meeting up with him again in the future. The Terminater was having crankcase pressure issues for some reason and I just could not get it figured out over the weekend. That kept our performance down from what we should have been able to run.

Now that the first “6” run in P/F is no longer an option, that gives me a chance to concentrate my attention elsewhere and move on to new challenges.”


Hawaya Racing would like to congratulate the 2017 Champions on a job well done.


Janette Thornley – AMRA and ADRL Pro Fuel Champion

Preston Bartlett – Man Cup Pro Fuel Champion

Dennis Fisher – AMRA Nitro Funny Bike Champion

Evan BarsnessHaw – CMDRA Pro Dragster Champion


Team Hawaya would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support of our racing efforts and commitment to the sport of Motorcycle Drag racing:


VP Racing Fuels                                                                                  Leineweber Enterprises

Venom Group International                                                                 Vanson Leathers

Pingel Enterprises                                                                                Projack Race Lifts

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