We have completed a run of our  Stage-1 Top Fuel engine cases. Our Stage-1 engine blocks take the typical crankshaft arrangement used in the Prp/Overkill engines (full 360 degree cranks) as well as our Porkchop style crankshaft.

There are many advantages to designing and manufacturing your own products in house. One of those advantages is the ability to make modifications and upgrades instantaneously. In the case of our Top Fuel engines for example, I was not happy with the crankcase scavenge arrangement used by us and most other engines,  so I re-designed it on this latest run. I relocated the scavenge hole from the oil pan to the engine block, locating it just under the flywheel scraper, much like our Derringer P/F engines . This provides 2 advantages over the typical setup. first, better scavenging.  A dry sump oiling system should have a flat oil pan, not a deep oil pan so we re-designed the oil pan flat. The second advantage to our new set up is from a maintenances perspective, there are no oil lines attached to the oil pan so it is a breeze to remove and service the lower end. JV

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