Several months ago, we designed and built a slipper clutch for the mini tractor pulling team of University of Saskatchewan. A couple of weeks ago, they took it out for it’s first competition. Some of the team members and I discussed tuning options for the clutch during the weekend as they began the learning curve needed to make the clutch work properly. After a few adjustments, they were off and running. It still is not up to it’s potential, but we all know that takes awhile. Here is there report.

Hi Johnny,
I just wanted to thank you again for your help getting the clutch tuned over the phone while we were down at competition. The tractor pulled quite well on the last 2 pulls. (198′ and 202′ pulls). The rest of the competition also went well and we placed 6th out of 14 tractors.
I’m very sure that we haven’t reached the potential of this clutch yet and I’m hoping we can do some further bench testing and tuning with it next year.
I’m sure we will be in touch again in the fall for further advice.

Thanks again.

Luke McCreary
Sled Dogs 1/4 Scale Tractor Team
Mechanical Engineering
University of Saskatchewan

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