You can’t win’em all!

The NHRA race in Ohio was to say the least, challenging! Despite the gallant effort from the staff at Summit Raceway, terrible weather on Friday and Saturday forced it to be a one day show for all the Nitro Harley teams. This meant only one round of qualifying and then going straight into eliminations. I had a timer problem in Valdosta the Man Cup event, and Steve and I went through ever thing here at the shop to correct the problem. In our only qualifying attempt, somewhere between start up and staging, unknown to me, the float in the carb.broke into 3 pieces. This caused excessive overflow into the puke tank, which overflowed about the time I lit the second bulb. Nitro ran directly in front of my rear tire and when I hit the throttle, things got interesting! To make a long story short, I did not qualify due to that and only one round to do it. The good news is that I was able to find the problem relatively easy and repair it, which was critical as the school is next week. So, a heads up to all you carb. guys, change out that float every now and then. Now it is on our maintenance sheet for change out every winter.

See you at the Rock.

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