About a year ago or so, Richard Landis and his crew came to HRP looking for a new chassis for their racing program. Something new, never done before and a little out the box. Well it appears that trip was well worth their while as now, the new bike is out performing all numbers the old combination could deliver. You see, this is a special class, 500 feet on asphalt with no wheelie bars. When Pete Browne and I, along with Richards crew designed this chassis, it had the longest crank to axle dimensions that we have ever done, by far. But with a 175 cubic inch PRP on the juice a B&J 3-speed trany and a 13″ MT out back with no chicken stick, it better be right. Rich is getting 1.11 60 foot times at the present time and says there is still plenty of room in the tune up.

Congratulations to Richard Landis and his crew on a job well done.

Johnny Vickers

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