Johnny Vickers Record Setting Pro Fuel Bike For Sale

We are fast approaching the last race of the 2017 season. The Terminater bike has always been for sale and now is the time for someone who is serious about going fast and winning races to own this proven machine. I have for years now wanted to do a POW/MIA Tribute bike and now is that time. For this to happen, the Terminater bike must go, so I am willing to work with anyone that is serious about purchasing it. Here is the record on the Terminater Bike back to the first race in late 2014.

Races Entered to date:                        17

#1 Qualifier Positions                         15

#2 Qualifier Positions 2                     (first 2 races run)

Race Wins                                             14

Runner-up’s                                         1

Semi Finals                                          1

Rainouts                                               1

World Records Set                             4          (7.09, 7.06, 7.03, 7.01)

Championships                                   1          First NHRA P/F Harley Champion

This bike has never been out run! The 2 losses were both due to mechanical failures, once sheering the front pulley bolts off in the final, the other an ignition coil failure resulting in a semi-final finish. Man Cup Memphis rained out and we did not run eliminations. Contact HRP for more details.

Ph. 336-973-5078

E-mail sales@hawayaracing.com

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