As some of you may know, some of you not, I am a Veitnam Veteran. This past Friday, Leanne and I made the 2-1/2 hour trip to the Durham Veterans Medical Center for my 6 month check up. We both have always been moved by all of the Veterans we meet there, from every conflict dating back to WWII. The majority of them are handicapped, most physically battered and broken, some mentally, from the tolls of war, but all still very proud. Upon entering the parking lot on our way in, the neon sign out front of the center said “”The Cost Of Freedom is seen here”. I thought to myself , wow, what a powerful statement!
When I hear or see how some people complain about how bad it is or how mistreated they are, it gets under my skin.

You think you have it bad, take a 10 minute walk through your closest VA Medical Center and thank these people for your freedom to complain!

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